ZD RACING 1/8 Parts

ZD RACING 1/8 Parts, zd racing 1/8 rally car and RC Buggy, including the Shocks, Wheels and Upgrade Parts.

ZD RACING 1/8 Parts


  • ZD RACING 08427 V3 Parts

    ZD RACING 08427 V3 Parts, ZD RACING 9116-V3 1/8 OFF-Road RC Truck Parts and Upgrade Parts.

  • ZD RACING 9116 V3 Parts

    ZD RACING 9116 V3 Parts, ZD RACING 9116 V3 is upgrade verison of 9116-V2, so, please not the parts, Please choose the parts depend on the Parts number. Also, we will provide the upgrade parts for ZD 9116-V3.

  • ZD RACING 9116 V4 Parts

    ZD RACING 9116 V4 Parts, ZD RACING 9116 V4  MT Pirates 3 1/8 RC Car Parts, "9116 V4" and the "08427" are the same version.

  • ZD Racing MT8 Pirates 3

    ZD Racing MT8 Pirates 3, ZD Racing MT8 Pirates 3 1/8 RC Car Upgrade Parts.

  • ZD RACING 9021 V3 Parts

    ZD RACING 9021 V3 Parts, ZD RACING 9021 V3 1/8 Scale 2.4Ghz Brushless RC Truck, 11.1V 5000mAh power Battery.  This 9021-V3 and 08423-V3 are the same version.

    ZD RACING 9021-V3

  • ZD Racing 9116 V2 Parts

    ZD Racing 9116 V2 Parts, ZD Racing 08427-V2 Pirates 2 MT-8 1/8 RC Truck, ZD RACING Pirates 2 Parts.

    ZD RACING 9116-V2

  • ZD RACING 9072 (08425-V2)

    ZD RACING 9072 (08425-V2) BX-8 Parts, ZD RACING 9072 Included some versions, so, please know about this, when you choose the Parts, please depend on the Parts list, check the parts number, Most parts are the same. ZD Racing 08425-V2 1/8 Parts (Pirates 2).

    ZD RACING 9072 BX-8

  • Pirates2 TC-8 (9071)...

    ZD Racing Pirates2 TC-8 (9071) Parts, ZD Racing 9071 RC Car Parts, 08426-V2 1/8 Scale RC Car.

  • 9021-V2 (08423-v2) Parts

    ZD RACING 9021-V2 Parts, ZD racing 08423 V2 Pirates2 1/8 Scale 2.4G 4WD RC Truck Parts.

    zd racing 08423 V2 9021

  • BX-8E 08421 Parts

    ZD RACING BX-8E 08421 Parts, ZD Racing Pirates 3 BX-8E Parts, ZD 08421 1/8 Scale Brushless Racing RC Car.

    ZD RACING BX-8E 08241

  • ZD Racing 9020 V3 Parts

    ZD Racing 9020 V3 Parts, Please note, the ZD Racing 9020 Included many version, most the parts are the same, only some parts are not same. Please check the parts Number before pay.

    ZD RACING 9020 V3

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